KHD Series Anti-Backlash Lead Screw Assemblies The Kerk KHD Series anti-backlash assembly makes use of Kerk's patented AXIAL TAKE-UP MECHANISM to provide backlash compensation. The unique split nut with torsional take-up provides increased load capacity and axial stiffness over comparably sized ZBX units. Though high in axial stiffness, the assembly is very low in frictional drag torque (1-3 oz. in.). The anti-backlash mechanism in the KHD unit eliminates the need for load compensating preload forces. The assembly consists of a 303 stainless steel screw mated with a self-lubricating polyacetal nut. End machining to customer specifications and TFE screw coating are optional. Sizes/Leads Available: - Screw Diameter" 3/16" (9.5mm) - Leads from 0.02" (0.6mm) to 1.5" (38mm) - Dynamic Loads to 20 lbs. (10kg)


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Kerk KHD Series Anti-Backlash Lead Screw Assemblies

  • Brand: Kerk
  • Product Code: KHD Series
  • Availability: 2-3 Days