The DP-350 is an economical thermometer with a wide temperature range and useful functions, such as measured value and peak hold, sensor burnout, battery alarm, and automatic power off.

For DP series, there are more than 50 types of sensors available so that it allows you to select an appropraite sensor for your application.

  • Wide Temperature Range [between -200 to 1200°C (-328 to 1999°F), the range of -199.9 to 199.9°C (-199.9 to 199.9°F) is also available.]
  • Measured Value Hold [Hold the current measured value on the display]
  • Peak Hold [The maximum/minimum measured value is automatically stored]
  • Automatic Power OFF [power will automatically turned off after 3 (or 30) minutes from power-on. (This function can be deactivated)]
  • 1°C/0.1°C (°F) Measuring Resolution [The temperature measuring resolution can be switched between 0.1°C and 1°C (°F), where the temperature range varies with resolution]
  • Burnout [In case the temperature sensor is broken, "BO" will be displayed on the display]
  • Battery Alarm ["BAT" is displayed on the display when the batteries become low. It tells you the time to change the batteries for precise temperature measurement. (Two peices of 1.5V R6 type dry cell)



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RKC Handheld Digital Thermometer (DP-350C*A)

  • Brand: RKC
  • Product Code: RKC DP-350
  • Availability: Pre-Order