B30-Series Print Ribbons for Brady Printer S3000, S3100, i3300, BBP30, BBP31, BBP33, BBP35, and BBP37 printers. 

  • Tough, smear-proof ribbons that produce long-lasting printed text and can withstand years in industrial areas and outdoor conditions.
  • Self-contained cartridges drop straight into printer with a click - no calibrating, threading, wsated feeding and the ink will alwys be facing the right direction
  • Priter notifies user if installed ribbon is not recommend for isntalled labels

Single - Color Print Ribbons

  • Solid color ribbons for printing a single color onto a label
  • Can be used for printing multi-color labels on BBP35 or BBP37 printers if a paneled multi-color ribbon is not on hand
  • All ribbon 4.330 in. x 200ft. (101.9mm x 60.9m)
Fits Printers Catalog  Color
All B30-R1000 Black
All B30-R6000 Black
All B30-R6200 Black
All B30-R6400 Black
All B30-R6600 Black
All B30-R4300 Black
All B30-R10000-WT White
All B30-R4400-WT White
All B30-R6700-WT White*
All B30-R4500-SV Silver*
All B30-R10000-RD Red
All B30-R10000-GN Green
All B30-R10000-BL Blue
All B30-R10000-YL Yellow*
All B30-R10000-YL2 Yellow*
All B30-R10000-OR Orange
All B30-R10000-MA Magenta
All B30-R10000-PRCCY Process Cyan**
All B30-R10000-PRCYEL Process Yellow**
All B30-R10000-PRCMAG Process Magenta**


*B30-R4500-SV ribbon for use with B-342 black Permasleeves only; B30-R6700-WT ribbon for use with B-345 black Permasleeves only.

**B30-R10000-YL for printing yellow onto white. B30-R1000-YL2 for printing yellow onto other colors of B-595*B30-R4500-SV ribbon for use with B-342 balck Permasleeves only; B30-R6700-T ribbon for use with B-345 black Permasleeves only.

***Process ribons print a much lighter shade. They are designed to be used with other process ribbons and balck ribbon to lay down a dot patter for printing blended colors and process color objects with the BBP35/37.



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Brady B30 Series Print Ribbons

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