The HD Strip Heater's highly compacted refractory material quickly conducts heat from the resistance wire to the sheath resulting in low internal temperatures and long heater life in the most demanding applications. Precise placement of the resistance wire provides uniform sheath temperature across the width and along the entire heated length. Terminal designs allow easy installation wiring. 3/8" thickness creates a rigid sheath for secure clamping. The HD Strip Heater is ideally suited for many industrial and commercial applications.

  • Highly compressed refractory materail for outstanding performance in surface heating or convection air heating applications.
  • Rugged construction with high temperature and high watt density capabilities.

Sheath Material:

  • Rust resisting iron for sheath temperatures to 750°F
  • 430 stainless steel for sheath temperatures to 1200ºF


  • 10-32 threaded post terminals offset at one end, one terminal at each end, or perperndicular to length at one end
  • Terminal box 
  • Ceramic terminal covers
  • Secondary insulators PCW-6266 and PCW-6267 are required for mounting in air heating application or when HD Strip Heaters are wired in series on line voltages above 480. Also, specify if a 9/16" x 11/16'' mounting slot to accomodate insulator

Width: 1 1/2" ± .015"

Length: To 53 7/8" overall length

Thickness: 3/8" ± .010"

Maximum Voltage: 600



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Ogden High Density Strip Heaters

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