The Ogden Mighty Watt is in an elite category of high density cartridge heaters. No other swaged cartridge heater is compacted to the extent of the Mighty Watt, producing excellent heat transfer capability and the dielectric and physical strength necessary for long life and outstanding performance. The Mighty Watt is designed for applications where high operating temperatures are required, or where heaters are subjected to vibration. Because the construction allows maximum heat transfer and high temperatures, it is possible to use fewer heaters at higher watt densities to reduce space requirements. The Mighty Watt is available from 1/8" to 1 1/4" diameters in just about any conceivable increment. With designed in quality and reliability, the Mighty Watt is the ideal heat source for any processes. A heavy duty double crimp connects lead wires to solid nickel pins. Connections are insulated with sleeving. Maximum temperature at the lead area is 400°F/200°C. Standard lead length is 12". Specify additional length. The "MW" is the standard design for all diameters (except 1/8").

  • Computer generated manufacturing specifications
  • Nickel-Chromium resistance wire precisely wound on a Magnesium Oxide core
  • Exact centering of the core and the closeness of windings to the sheath ensures efficient heat transfer and lower internal temperatures
  • Heavy wall Incoly sheath provides for maximum protection against high temperature oxidation and corrosion
  • Bottom slug is TIG welded to the sheath to exclude contaminates
  • High purity Magnesium Oxide is thoroughly compacted and the entire assembly is swaged to the ideal density to create a heavier mass than other cartridge heaters
  • High density cap seals Magnesium Oxide in place and resists contamination



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Ogden Mighty Watt Cartridge Heaters

  • Brand: Ogden
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